Levine 279

Penn Engineering

Philadelphia, PA 19104

I am a final year PhD student in the Department of Electrical and Systems Engineering, at the University of Pennsylvania. My research, at Prof. Rahul Mangharam’s Real-Time and Embedded Systems Lab, focuses on building robust and reliable autonomous systems, using elements of Control Theory, Formal Methods, and Optimization. [Curriculum Vitae]

Computationally tractable solutions, that potentially solve real problems, are a recurring theme across my research. More often that not, the algorithms we develop are implemented on actual dynamical systems, some of which are: multiple Crazyflie 2.0 quad-rotors, a 1/10th scale autonomous car, a hex-rotor platform, a hardware-in-the-loop vehicle ECU simulator, a scaled down hybrid powertrain for Electric Vehicles, and a self-balancing, fully enclosed electric motorcycle.